Together with my professional activities I founded Diseño+Diseño in 1978. Our centre was build up something like 30 years ago in a part of our country where Design was little known and with the idea of developing our work we have first to promote Design.

Our group has a deep commitment about Design and the Design World. We have contributed a lot so far in developing a more consistant image of Design through our personal work and this was made with our own effort, conmitment and devotion, sometimes we had the official support from government or educational organizations sometimes not, but we always had the enthusiastic cooperation of some designers in Argentina, this situation together with what we have obtained so far encourages us to continue our work.

Our next step will be to build up a web page in order to widen up the scope. At this point we think that to be an ICSID member is a great honor and will help us a lot in getting a better support for our work. At the opening of our center I brought a series of Design Objects from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to Mendoza.

I was selected to Design and Produce Objects Mainly funiture, for Roche-Bobois in Argentina. From 1989 until 1995 I headed an innovation projetc of Design requested by the government. A project in which Design was considered a core value and a key resource.

The project refers to workspaces and Design. I was the first one to bring innovative Design products from abroad and exhibit them at our center, lighting fixtures, furniture, fabrics, etc. (April, Auping, Marimekko). Experiment in building up Design Networks between Designers within the country and abroad such as Comunicarte Design Board (Madrid), Designworks (Los Angeles, USA), Hergar (Chile).

Thus exchanging information, know how and oportunities. Launched the “Tango” style in Furniture Design, that was published in several local and International media. This was in 1990 some pieces enlighted are still under production. Organize and promote the first “Design Guide” from Mendoza.

Alberto Arias Van Lierde

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